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Welcome to our homapage at http://uqol.kaist.ac.kr

We develope Optical and Terahertz Methodologies for Quantum State Engineering, in particular Quantum Computing. Current research topics are ultrafast optical quantum gates, Rydberg atom-mediated N-atom entanglement, ultrafast laser cooling and trapping, and circuit-model atomic quantum computation .

Who are the Members?

The labs are located in the Department of Physics
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141, Korea (South)

How to reach us?

Research Highlights (2017/Summer)

For more details, click the link below image. (past research highlights)

Research summary and Publications

News and Events

Ultra-short Marathon (10 km) 11/22/2015
Ultra-intense Hiking, Doduk-Bong, Bingyeo (hen) Mt. (535 m) 7/3/2015

6/25-26, AMP 2018 (Atomic and Molecular Physics Division Workshop), Muju Resort AMP2018

6/18/2018, Dr. Thibault Vogt (National University of Singapore, Center for Quantum Technology), "Rydberg electromagnetically induced transparency and microwave-to-optical conversion using Rydberg atoms," Invited seminar, Seminar Room 2502, 10:00 am.

6/14/2018, Prof. Kenji Toyoda (Osaka University), "Phonons and polariton-like particles in trapped ions for quantum computation and quantum simulation," Invited seminar, Seminar Room 2502, 10:00 am.

5/13-18/2018, CLEO 2018, San Jose, CA, http://www.cleoconference.org/ (Abstract due: 12/13/2017) (Yunheung, Hanlae)

10/29-11/1/2017, Samsung Global Symposium, Seoul, (Hangyoel, Hanlae, Minhyuk, Yunheung, Hyosub, JA)

10/25-10/27/2017, KPS 2017 fall, Gyeungju, http://kpsmeeting.kps.or.kr/ (Hangyeol, Hanlae, Minhyuk, Woojun, Yunheung, Hyosub)

8/28-9/1/2017, ICSSUR 2017, Jeju, http://www.icssur2017.org/ (Yunheung Song, Hyosub Kim)

6/5-9/2017, DAMOP 2017, Sacramento, CA, http://www.aps.org/units/damop/meetings/meeting.cfm?name=DAMOP17 (Abstract due: 1/29/2017) (Woojun, Yunheung, Minhyuk)

5/14-19/2017, CLEO 2017, San Jose, CA, http://www.cleoconference.org/ (Abstract due: 12/14/2016) (Hyosub)

5/10-13/2017, ALTA, Seoguipo, http://www.alta.or.kr (Hangyeol, Hanlae, Kyungtae, JA)

4/19-21/2017, KPS 2017 Spring, Daejeon, http://www.kps.or.kr (Yunheung)

10/19-21/2016, KPS fall 2016, Kwangju, http://www.kps.or.kr/ (Woojun, Hanlae)

7/24-29/2016, ICAP2016, Seoul, http://icap2016.org/ (http://jhe.snu.ac.kr/icap2016)

6/5-10/2016, CLEO2016, San Jose, CA, http://www.cleoconference.org/home/ (Abstract due: 1/27/2016) (Woojun Lee)

5/23-27/2016, DAMOP2016, Providence, RI, http://www.aps.org/units/damop/meetings/meeting.cfm?name=DAMOP16 (Abstract due : 1/29/2016) (Yunheung Song, Hyosub Kim)

5/10-14/2016, APLS2016, Jeju island, http://www.apls2016.org/ (Hanlae Jo, Daehoon Han, Minhyuk Kim)

10/21-23/2015, KPS 2015-fall, Kyeogju, http://www.kps.or.kr/2meetings/ (Abstract due: 9/2/2015) KPS-Pioneering symposium: Physics and applications of Rydberg atoms

9/14/2015, Dr. Hae Ja Lee (SLAC, Stanford), "Ultrafast X-ray Studies on Dynamics of Matter in Extreme Conditions Physics," Invited seminar, Physics Seminar Room 2501, 2:00 pm.

8/31/2015, Prof. Kihwan Kim (Tsinghua University), "Quantum simulation with a trapped ion for quantum field theory and quantum chemistry," Invited seminar, Seminar Room 1322, 11:00 am.

8/24-28/2015, CLEO-PR 2015, Pusan, http://www.cleopr2015.org/ (Abstract due: 3/15/2015) (우준, 한결, 효섭)

7/3/2015, 계룡산 산행 (hiking, Doduk-Bong, Chicken-Dragon Mountain)

7/13-15/2015, OSK summer 2015, Kyeongju, http://www.osk.or.kr (Abstract due: 6/01/2015)

5/10-15/2015, CLEO 2015, San Jose, http://www.cleoconference.org/ (Abstract due: 12/16/2014) (한결, 효섭)

5/06-09/2015, ALTA, Jeju, http://www.alta.or.kr (Abstract due: 4/10/2015) (실험실 전체)

4/22-24/2015, KPS spring 2015, Daejeon, Pioneering symposium: Quantum control for emerging quantum technologies (효섭, 안)

1/28-30/2015, 2015 한국광학회 동계학술발표회 http://www.osk.or.kr/ (Abstract due: 12/7/2014) (한결, 대훈X2, 효섭, 우준)

Past events