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Welcome to our homapage at http://uqol.kaist.ac.kr

We develope Optical and Terahertz Methodologies for Quantum State Engineering, in particular Quantum Computing with the experimental physics background of Ultrafast Optics and Atomic Physics. Current research topics are implementing quantum gates for N single-atom qubits and hybrid adiabatic-nonadiabatic transitions.

The labs are located in the Department of Physics
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141, Korea (South)

How to reach us?

Research Highlights (2016/Winter)

For more details, click the link below image. (past research highlights)

News and Events

Ultra-short Marathon (10 km) 11/22/2015
Ultra-intense Hiking, Doduk-Bong, Bingyeo (hen) Mt. (535 m) 7/3/2015

6/5-9/2017, DAMOP 2017, Sacramento, CA, http://www.aps.org/units/damop/meetings/annual/ (Abstract due: 1/29/2017) (Woojun, Yunheung, Minhyuk)

5/14-19/2017, CLEO 2017, San Jose, CA, http://www.cleoconference.org/ (Abstract due: 12/14/2016) (Hyosub)

10/19-21/2016, KPS fall 2016, Kwangju, http://www.kps.or.kr/ (Woojun, Hanlae)

7/24-29/2016, ICAP2016, Seoul, http://icap2016.org/

6/5-10/2016, CLEO2016, San Jose, CA, http://www.cleoconference.org/home/ (Abstract due: 1/27/2016) (Woojun Lee)

5/23-27/2016, DAMOP2016, Providence, RI, http://www.aps.org/units/damop/meetings/meeting.cfm?name=DAMOP16 (Abstract due : 1/29/2016) (Yunheung Song, Hyosub Kim)

5/10-14/2016, APLS2016, Jeju island, http://www.apls2016.org/ (Hanlae Jo, Daehoon Han, Minhyuk Kim)

10/21-23/2015, KPS 2015-fall, Kyeogju, http://www.kps.or.kr/2meetings/ (Abstract due: 9/2/2015) KPS-Pioneering symposium: Physics and applications of Rydberg atoms

9/14/2015, Dr. Hae Ja Lee (SLAC, Stanford), "Ultrafast X-ray Studies on Dynamics of Matter in Extreme Conditions Physics," Invited seminar, Physics Seminar Room 2501, 2:00 pm.

8/31/2015, Prof. Kihwan Kim (Tsinghua University), "Quantum simulation with a trapped ion for quantum field theory and quantum chemistry," Invited seminar, Seminar Room 1322, 11:00 am.

8/24-28/2015, CLEO-PR 2015, Pusan, http://www.cleopr2015.org/ (Abstract due: 3/15/2015) (우준, 한결, 효섭)

7/3/2015, 계룡산 산행 (hiking, Doduk-Bong, Chicken-Dragon Mountain)

7/13-15/2015, OSK summer 2015, Kyeongju, http://www.osk.or.kr (Abstract due: 6/01/2015)

5/10-15/2015, CLEO 2015, San Jose, http://www.cleoconference.org/ (Abstract due: 12/16/2014) (한결, 효섭)

5/06-09/2015, ALTA, Jeju, http://www.alta.or.kr (Abstract due: 4/10/2015) (실험실 전체)

4/22-24/2015, KPS spring 2015, Daejeon, Pioneering symposium: Quantum control for emerging quantum technologies (효섭, 안)

1/28-30/2015, 2015 한국광학회 동계학술발표회 http://www.osk.or.kr/ (Abstract due: 12/7/2014) (한결, 대훈X2, 효섭, 우준)

Past events

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