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Principal Investigator

Jaewook Ahn ( brief CV

Associate Professor of Physics
Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)
373-1 Guseong-dong, Daejeon 305-501, Korea

Office: Natural Science Building E6-2-3305
Phones: +82-42-350-2546 (direct), 2586 (secretary, lab1), 5546 (lab2), 2510 (fax)

Teaching: General Physics PH152 (2017 Spring)
Atomic and Molecular Physics PH401 (2016 Fall)
General Physics II PH152 (2016 Spring)
Nonlinear Optics PH721 (2015 Fall)
Advanced Physics PH161 (2015 Spring)

Ph.D. Candidates

HanLae Jo (

Research: Strong-field coherent control

Hyosub Kim (

Reserach:: Rydberg-atom quantum simulator

Minhyuk Kim (mail)


Woojun Lee (

Research: Atomic tweezer trap

Adam Massey (


Yunheung Song (
Research: Ultrafast Optics and Quantum Information

Postdoctoral Researcher

Han-gyeol Lee (
Research: Strong-field coherent control of atoms and molecules

Geol Moon ( )
Research: Rydberg atom quantum computation

Lab Secretary

Eunjung Jo (

Lab Secretary

Lab Alumni

Daehoon Han (

Ph.D. thesis: Lattice vibrations of minimal and polarization dependence of material in a slit using terahertz waves (5/27/2016).
Now at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Kanghee Lee (
Ph.D. thesis: Fourier optical phenomena and applications using ultra-broadband terahertz waves (5/23/2013).
Now at Bumki Min's Group.

Minwoo Yi (
Ph.D. thesis: Terahertz wave generation from semiconductor thin films and its applications (5/02/2012).
Now at Agency for Defense Development.

Junwoo Cho (
Ph.D. thesis: Enhancement of magneto-optical trap of ytterbium atoms via optical repumping of triplet P-states (11/25/2011).
Now at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

Youngchan Kim (
Ph. D. thesis: Development of high-speed, high-resolution, and polarization-sensitive terahertz spectroscopic techniques (4/4/2011).
Now at National Institute of Health (USA).

Sangkyung Lee (
Ph.D. thesis: Analytical coherent controls of Alkali atoms in strong field regime (11/26/2010).
Now at Agency for Defense Development.

Kyeong-Jin Jang (
Ph.D. thesis: The study of coherent optical and acoustic phonons in correlated electron materials (CMR, multiferroic), (5/7/2010).
Now at Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.

In-young Choi (
Former Lab Secretary, 2009-2012.

Koji Nagata Obihiro University, Japan (former BK Research Professor).
Jae-uk Kim Summer undergraduate student in 2010.

Youngjun Kim (
Former Technical Staff (2014.01-03)

Jongseok Lim (
Former student, post-doc, and research assistant professor
Ph.D. Thesis: Coherent Control in 2D Fourier Transform Spectroscopy (KAIST, 4/29/2011).
Now at Imperial College London.

Heejae Jeong (

Former Research Associate (2014/04-10)

Hoang-Van DO (

Former exchange student from ENS, France (2015/01-07)

Kyungtae Kim (

Former graduate student (2015/07-2017/06)

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