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Hiking, Chicken-Foot Mountain 11/6/2013
Hiking, Chicken-Dragon Mountain 11/7/2012
Spring retreat at Jeju island 5/14/2011
CLEO 2011 Baltimore
Single Pixel Coherent Diffraction Imaging
Mundanity-Abandon Mountain 8/21/2010
Chicken-Foot Mountain 5/1/2010
OSK meeting at KAIST 1/20/2010
Chicken-Dragon Mountain 12/4/2009

12/23/2014, Seasonal hiking trip to Chicken-Dragon Mountain

10/22-24/2014, KPS fall 2014 at Gwangju, Pioneering symposium: Craftshops for light and atoms

10/6-10/2014, AISAMP at Tohoku

8/25-27/2014, OSK summer meeting at Jeju (Heejae Jeong, Han-gyeol Lee, JA)

8/3-8/2014, ICAP 2014, Washington (Hyosub Kim, Han-gyeol Lee, JA)

6/19-21/2014, Atomic Physics Workshop at Muju

5/7-10/2014, ALTA at Jeju (team members)

4/23-25/2014, KPS spring meeting at Daejeon (Cho, Han, Lee)

3/14/2014, Jae Hoon Lee (KRISS), Invited Seminar (Physics Seminar Room 2502),16:00 pm.

2/28/2014, Vijay Deshmukh (GIST), Invited Seminar (Physics Seminar Room 250X),16:00 pm.

6/8-13/2014. CLEO 2014 at San Jose (Abstract due: 1/22/2014).

3/3-7/2014, APS March meeting at Denver, Colorado (Abstract due: 11/15/2013).

2/19-21/2014, KPS winter meeting at Daejeon (Abstract due:11/30/2013).

11/6/2013, 계족산 산행 (hiking, Chicken-Foot Mountain)

10/30-11/1/2013, KPS fall meeting at Changwon (Abstract due : 9/25).

5/23/2013, Congratuations to Dr. Kanghee Lee for his successful Ph.D. thesis defense.

5/1-4/2013/2013, Advanced Lasers and Their Application (ALTA 2013) at Seoguipo (Abstract due April 14),

4/24-26/2013, KPS spring at Daejeon (Abstract due: 3/4).

1/22/2013, Minwoo Yi received the Sinmyung (Sangsoo Lee) best thesis award. Congratulations!

9/1-12/31, JKPS Special Topical Issue on Cold Atoms and Molecules: Final call for papers (Due: 1/31/2013).

11/7, 계룡산 산행 (hiking, Chicken-Dragon Mountain)

10/24-26, 2012, KPS fall meeting (Pyungchang)

9/18, 김윤호 교수 (Yoon-ho Kim, Postech), invited seminar (Physics Seminar Room 2502), 1:00 pm.

8/27-29, OSK summer meeting, (abstract due: 6/8). (실험실 전체)

8/16, 박현욱 (U. Virginia), Invited Seminar (Physics Seminar Room 2502),16:00 pm.

5/28-31, APLS 2012, Jeju.

5/6-11, CLEO/QELS 2012, San Jose (이상경, 이강희).

5/4, Congratuations to Dr. Minwoo Yi for his successful Ph.D. thesis defense.

4/25-27, Korean Physical Society meeting at Daejeon (the 60th anniversary). Focus session on "Quantum Control," invited speakers include Prof. S. Guerin, Prof. Jongbin Gong, and Prof. Jinhyung Lee.

2/24, Congratulations to Dr. Junwoo Cho on earning his Ph.D. in physics.

1/17/2012, 9:00am-5:00pm, Cold Atom Workshop, KAIST seminar room 2501.

12/2, 문종철 (표준연), Invited Seminar (Physics Seminar Room 2501),16:00 pm.

11/14, 초청세미나, 김경완 교수 from Chungbuk National Univ, 자연과학대 회의실 2323호, 14:00pm.

11/11, KIOST 2011년 워크샵, KI Lecture room G (4층), 13:00-18:00pm.

10/19-21, KPS-fall, Pusan, (abstract due: August 24) (이상경, 조준우, 한대훈, 변희수, 이강희)

10/2-7, IRMMW-THz 2011, Houston, (abstract due: April 29) (이민우)

8/26, 신시도 산행 (hiking, Sin-si Island)

7/17-22, Nonlinear Optics (OSA), Kauai, Hawaii, (abstract due: March 16)

7/8 4pm, Dr. Mohamed Hassan Abdellatif, KIST, invited seminar, "Optical Study of Nanostructured Semiconductor Materials," Physics seminar room 2501.

6/14 5pm, Prof. Kiyong Kim, U. Maryland, invited seminar, Physics seminar room 250x.

5/11-14, 제10회 첨단 레이저 및 레이저 응용 워크샵, Jeju, (이민우, 이강희, 임종석, 이상경, 이한결, 한대훈, 손정우, 최인영, 안재욱)

5/1-6, CLEO/QELS 2011, Baltimore, (이상경, 임종석, 이강희)

4/29, Congratuations to Dr. Jongseok Lim for his successful Ph.D. thesis defense.

4/4, Congratuations to Dr. Youngchan Kim for his successful Ph.D. thesis defense.

2/14, Sangkyung Lee received the best Ph.D thesis award (and the 3 ounce gold medal!) from the department.

1/20-21, BK21 Students workshop, Postech.(한대훈, 이한결, 임종석?)

1/19-20/2011, THz-ERC workshop, SNU. (이강희, 이민우, 김영찬, 한대훈, 안재욱)

12/13, "Single Pixel Coherent Diffraction Imaging," featured on cover of Applied Physics Letters.

11/26, Congratuations to Dr. Sangkyung Lee for his successful Ph.D. thesis defense.

10/20-22, KPS fall meeting, Pyungchang (임종석, 이상경, 이민우, 이강희, 이한결)

10/18 11:00am, 김태현 박사 from Duke Univ., invited talk, physics seminar room 2502.

10/13-16, Asia Symposium of Intense Laser Science, Beijing,

10/12 5:30pm, Jongseok Lim, "Coherent Control 2D Fourier Transform Spectroscopy," prelim exam.

10/05, "Strong Field Quanmtum Control," appears in PRA Kaleidoscope.

9/12-16, International Symposium on Ultra-fast Phenomena and Terahertz Waves, Xi'an,

8/21, 속리산 산행 (hiking, Mundanity-Abandon Mountain)

7/15-16, Optical Society of Korea, Summer Meeting, Pusan, BEXCO.

7/2 2:00pm, Prof. Ishihara, Tohoku University, invited seminar, physics seminar room 250x.

6/24-25, Atomic and Molecular Physics Workshop, Muju.

5/16-21, CLEO/QELS in San Jose (임종석, 이상경, 이강희, 이민우)

5/11-15, Asia Pacific Laser Symposium, Jeju (이민우, 이한결, 한대훈).

5/7, Congratuations to Dr. Kyeong-Jin Jang for his successful Ph.D. thesis defense.

5/1, 계족산 산행 (hiking, Chicken-Foot Mountain)

4/2, IRMMW-THz2010 (9/10 in Rome) abstract due.

2/17, Ultrafast Phenomena 2010 (7/18-23 in Colorado) abstract due.

1/28/2010, 4:00pm Dr. Haeja Lee (SLAC), invited seminar, Physics 2502

12/13, OSK winter meeting (1/20-22 at KAIST) abstract due. (이민우, 임종석).

12/4, 계룡산 산행 (hiking, Chicken-Dragon Mountain)

11/4, (Wed) 11:00am, Min Ah Seo (SNU), Invited seminar, Physics 2502.

10/21-23, KPS fall 2009, Changwon, Abstracts due : 9/11 (이상경).

10/20-21, OSK fall 2009, Kwangju, Abstracts due : 9/10 (이강희, 김영찬).

10/19, (Mon) 3:00pm, Prof. Chris Stanton (U. Florida, Physics), invited seminar, Physics Seminar Room 2501.

10/9, 최현용 박사 (LBNL), Ultrabroadband Terahertz Spectroscopy of Semiconductor Nanostructures, 기계 C2, 2:00pm.

9/30, 최상경 박사 (KRISS), 광자를 어떻게 얽는가, 물리 250x, 11:00am.

9/20-25, IRMMW-THz 2009, Pusan : (장경진, 이민우, 이강희, 김영찬).

9/18, KIOST 세미나 (오왕렬, 김정원 교수), 기계 E1, 10:00am.

9/7/2009, 문종철 박사 (KRISS) 초청 세미나, 물리 2502, 11:00am.